HD7 Deepshining Tango v7.7 ROM build 8779.8

OS version 7.10.8779.8 is ready to download

So, whats new?

– Improved responsiveness and better battery life.
– IE perfomance improvements.
– Export contacts to SIM.
– Option to choose and set a Static IP.

  • Deepshining customizations. New options in the System Page:
    – Status Bar Theme Customization.
    – Root Tools included.
    – WPH System Tweaks.
    – Folders Creator.
  • Deepshining Apps:
    – Minor Devstore7 updates (Nokia Drive name fixed and some Homebrew apps updated).
    – Spot ON added to ROM with the latest version.
    – New Deepshining Feedback application (you can now send me your direct feedback with this simple app).
  • Minor registry tweaks.
  • Fixed some issues with Deepshining Themes.
  • Removed some apps to keep ROM as colse as possible to Stock ROM

Download it from HD7 Roms section

Have Fun!

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