Deepshining v8 Themes Preview

Deepshining v8 Themes Preview


34 thoughts on “Deepshining v8 Themes Preview

  1. looks very nice, i like strong colors on black devices, i flashed your rom and the 17 radio but i had problems in a htc titan from att, cotulla is working on porting wp8 to hd2, amazing work

  2. hi dot, Im new to this, and I have never flashed my HD7 before, but I saw yout work now and its amazing, I would very much liked to set it up on my phone! can you plase leave me a link with step by step instructions how to put your custom rom on my phone, because every time I tried to do it i get stuck somewhere. and woud appriceate your help πŸ˜€ thanks in advance

  3. Where can I fΓ­nd instructions for this? I don’t want to end up having Bricking my device if there are special steps required…

    I’m on official 7.8 with an unbranded Europe HD7

    OS Version: 7.10.8862.144
    Radioader v: 5.11.2250.0(134578)

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