HD7 Windows Phone 7.8 RTM Deepshining v8 ROM


Welcome to my HD7 Deepshining Rom.

Finally the wait is over.
Rom Details and download of the latest version please visit the HD7 page here

Enjoy it


113 thoughts on “HD7 Windows Phone 7.8 RTM Deepshining v8 ROM

  1. I ‘ve just installed v.8 for my HD7 and I just have to say…..simply AWESOME!! thanks so much Dot for giving this to us!!

  2. Hello Dot, still thank you for this Rom. I have just downloaded it on my key usb. I am in my workplace and I wait to arrive at the house for flash my HD7. I will make you a return on my impressions. But I think that as usual, it will be good work.
    Say me, could the nokia applications be installed directly starting from the marketplace nokia collection, or is what it will always be necessary to install them starting from devstore8?

    • Some apps could be installed from Marketplace but you need to change marketplace OEM first. Download market select from Devstore8 and make that change.

    • If you want the clock hub you have to download this from bazaar. This is like windows market place but for home brew apps. Check around on Google and you should find it for your phone.

  3. Hi Dot,
    Nice work as usual.
    In regards to wp extended, when i pin one of the groups to home screen and then tap on it, it wont open but rather bounces back to the home screen. Have i overlooked something?

  4. Lets say i have a custom rom installed…should i re-install HSPL/RSPL to the phone..bcause when i enter the usb mode..theres no “Cotulla” mentioned…it shows


    • Yes… With RSPL only installed on the device you will have to reinstall RSPL to the device, Everytime you flash a new rom or updated rom version. RSPL is temporary and will revert back to OSPL with a soft reset on the device. If you install HSPL to the device it’s permanently installed to the device and you will only have to enter into bootloader mode and flash the new/updated rom. HSPL is much easier to use.

  5. Hey Dot,
    Just wanted to say I’ve been running the Deepshining v8 rom for a couple days now and you did a fantastic job… it’s amazing!!!
    Awesome work on DevStore 8 too, it just keeps getting better and better!
    Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication, it’s very much appreciated by all of us!!! 🙂

  6. Thanks dotcompt for good ROM version. It works stably and smoothly.
    However, I found two problems:
    1. I download “Window Mobile Device Center Launcher” from Devstore 8, but it cannot help to connect HD7 with my computer. My computer, win7, has installed Windows Mobile Device Center already.
    The previous version, “Nokia love 7.8”, has this fuction running very well.

    2. I also install “Search Key Settings”, and set it as “No action”, but when I press “Search” button on the phone, it still starts Bing search. I have tried other settings, it is still the same.

    • I have the same problem with search key:

      it starts that Bing application even if:
      1. in settings Google is set as default search provider
      2. in “Search Key Settings” I change to “Internet Explorer” (or any other option. It simply ignores it).
      3. In “wp extended” tried to change the search provider but after closing the application (with or without reboot) the setting is reverted
      4. Same as 3 when using “Advanced Config”

      • Use PWPD Tweaks 0.2 to successfully remap the search button if you’re having problems with Search Key Settings… Also, make sure you gave root to all apps or at least the ones you’re having issues with in “Root Manager”

  7. For those of you who like me flashed this AMAZING ROM on your HD7S, but hate to see HD7 T9292, just edit this registry entries to get the old name back, also this is useful if, like me, you have an HD7 and HD7S with Deepshining on both phones, so you can avoid confusion…

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    “FriendlyName”=”HTC T9295”

    These are the original keys from the AT&T T9295 (HD7S), except for the activesync key…

    Thanks Dot… I’ll send you some “cash” on paypal(maybe this week), you deserve it…

  8. Hi DOT. On my hd7 v8 rom not working mms stream tv and any app tv. Too slow IE and download. I flash back to v7.77 working perfect. Can you fix this in next release? Sorry for my bad English

  9. Thanks, Dotcompt, for all your hard work and especially through these trying times… when we flash this ROM, are we supposed to be in the bootloader screen, or just flash from the start screen… I am on DS 7.3, bootloader 3.1.xxx, never had the chance to update before this, and I do not remember exactly how to flash this ROM… getting Connection Error 260 continuously, and I know all my stuff works right, so just starting to wonder if I am doing something wrong… trying to find older version of the romupdateutility and can not find my old stuff… anyway, thanks in advance, and have a great weekend…

    • First you must use WPBackup v1.0 to backup all your setting, sms, and app’s data.

      second you flash this ROM as always: using Cotulla’s RSPL.

      And then on the Booloader once RSPL is installed, you simply flash the rom as you were trying, wait 5 minutes and BOOM! DS v8.0…

      • Thanks… I am on hspl and am not worried about backups, already did that… what screen does phone need to be in, and what keys do I push to get there, and what does that screen look like?…

    • Power on while holding volume down, the screen is tricolor with letters and white band below with the words USB (if connected), once there flash it. You can see video on YT.

      • I got it, found old info… how to bring phone into bootloader mode:
        (reboot while hold volume down button pressed). Connect to PC and wait for drivers to be installed. (USB appears on the bottom of phone screen) Than start updater to flash radio. )
        thanks FaustoLG…

      • FaustoLG, can you please provide me the Youtube link for the video tutorial to flash. Deepshining. Also is V8.1 stable with wifi or should I go with V8 first. I have a HD7 running on WP 7.8

  10. … and they’re off!!!… I am now rocking on DS v.8 on my HTC HD7!!!… that is one small step for man, one gigantic leap for my HD7 and myself… looks/runs/IS GREAT!!!… Great job Dotcompt, and thanks to faustoLG for the help…

  11. like on the “dynamicrom 2.0”, there is a little lag before app opened…
    and the clock hub dont work….u know why ?

      • As far as I know that is an HTC app but I could be wrong. There is some package missing in my Rom that was not made public. These days people do not share official leaked shipped roms anymore and that was one of the reasons I left XDA.

      • I’m ready to write some “step by step” manual for some useful things like WP Backup, if you are interested in posting that, just tell me, Many people help me to know how to flash and do minor fixing on WP(most of the things I know came from windows 95 registry editing…), I feel that some of that helping must go to other people (and XDA is full of know-it-all-whine-a-lot)

      • ok thanks..
        hope we’ll have a new version so…sometimes its boring to have this lag ^^
        if not ur rom work very well 🙂

      • Hey dot I can give you a copy of the registry to see why Clock hub does work with other roms, I’ve installed temporarily, to get the registry, and all the file on the rom, since editing the ROM is not posible (it gives me errors when OS Builder is user) , you can contact me on my email… also If you want to test something(beta) count on me…

      • How? can you get my email from the blog’s log? that could be easier on email and I send everything even the files you could need…

    • Please, READ my first comment, using the registry to change the name of the HD7 T9292 into T9295 with any custom ROM…
      Basically the HD7 and the HD7S are the same except the screen, T9292 is TFT and the T9295 is S-LCD.

    • Hello Abdulla,
      Your devices bootloader needs to be unlocked. Steps to take –
      1. Downgrade the devices SPL to at or below 3.xxx (which is required to install XSPL) easiest way to do this is, using the goldcard method.

      2. Install XSPL (RSPL and HSPL) to the device. (which is required to flash a custom rom)

      3. Flash the Deepshining v8 rom to the device.

      4. Enjoy Dot’s amazing work on the Deepshining rom!

      Take a look at this tutorial on how to downgrade SPL, install XSPL and flash a custom rom.

      If you need any help just let me know!

      • Hey X, do you know how to contact dot? I have some files that can be useful to him, but I don’t know where to send the files, he responded affirmative to the help, I can use skydrive if needed or email or whatever but I don’t know how to contact him, my original comment is here in this thread, you can read it and what’s is all about…

      • Your welcome!
        I’d really like to see the Clock Hub/Tile working on DS roms.
        I currently have the “World Clock Tile” xap installed on my device.
        It has the large tile capabilities and looks ok, it has some customization as far as Tile color, style, font size and putting your own text on the tile….but the app need some work and deeper integration. Like weather, battery status and better imaging.
        Hopefully dot can get it to work for us!!

        Another thing that would be a nice addition I think is Nokia Music 3.5 I’ve installed it through Marketplace Configuration but when I launch the app I get an error notification “This app is for Nokia devices only” and quits launching. I haven’t tried yet and I really don’t want to change my device in the registry to Nokia just to get the app to work.

      • X, I can’t find the Mango radio version software for…. Shall I just use the NoDo from Att even though its not the same version? If so, I tried to download and it said denied by uploader. Anywhere else? By the way txs for the step by step and big shout out to Dot.

  12. I am trying to find a way to make Clock Hub/Tile working but no luck so far.
    Regarding the Nokia Music App sorry but the only way to get it working is changing the registry.

  13. New at Deepshining. Downloaded v8 for HD7 but am missing the readme.doc
    Having issues flashing as ROM update utility says that it cannot connect to my phone, even though I have Zune showing that my phone is connected to my PC.

    • xdrc45 on December 22, 2012 at 21:33

      Hi Khan,
      Try this –
      Make sure that you have ActiveSync installed on the PC for windows XP or Windows Mobile Device Center for Vista/7 PC. These programs contain the proper drivers to allow the PC to communicate with the device while connected in bootloader mode.
      Once the program is installed, connect the device to the PC while in bootloader mode and allow the Qualcomm drivers to install. Once the drivers have been successfully installed, then run the ruuwrapper and try flashing the new rom to the device again.

    • there are tutorial to read and you want a video “for everyone”… what are you, american(s)? that’s called lazyness… reading is good and most of the tutorials are very clear…

  14. Flashed my HD7 yesterday, and it has become a lot more interesting device then before. I am however unable to get back my settings and data from before. Restore from “Windows Phone” app on my mac does not work. Is it normal to loose all data in any custom flashing? What do I do to preserve data and settings when flashing next version of this great release, whenever there is any.

  15. Plzz tell me the process of downloading nd installing of deepshining v8 I have to download it to my PC or directly to mobile I stuck olz sm one help me out I buyer a new HTC hd7 nd facing these pblms..

    • Since you probably are american, because of your laziness on NOT reading any comment to know the answer… here is what has been previously posted by xdrc45:

      Your devices bootloader needs to be unlocked. Steps to take –
      1. Downgrade the devices SPL to at or below 3.xxx (which is required to install XSPL) easiest way to do this is, using the goldcard method.

      2. Install XSPL (RSPL and HSPL) to the device. (which is required to flash a custom rom)

      3. Flash the Deepshining v8 rom to the device.

      4. Enjoy Dot’s amazing work on the Deepshining rom!

      Take a look at this tutorial on how to downgrade SPL, install XSPL and flash a custom rom.

  16. you rock dotcompt!
    Although i have two problems.
    1. devstore8 is not working. i guess its the hosting problem.
    2. Can you tell me how i can add more accents? I came from hd2 to hd7, which had the pda rom. i was used to 100+ accents.

    your v8 rom is awsum!

  17. DOT, Thanks for this wonderful v8. I used to run your 7.6 and now on v8. Very stable. Though, I am a bit dissapointed that on my HD7 there seems to be a small lag or delay before the app or live tile kiks. Could this be helped by a registry setting?
    2 other “comments/questions”
    1) Last I checked, the SPOT ON app in devstore seems to be linked to the wrong app. I think to the one just below.
    2) Is there a way we can install ony the RADIO without affecting the rest of the OS?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  18. Hi to all
    great rom, i like it, but one problem, why my marktplace is in italien laguage, the rest is in german, only the marktplace not?

    some idea


  19. Can you add Thai languages into the ROM. WP7 has problem displaying the Thai alphabet since the beginning and it has never been solved.

  20. I just found a weird thing 😐 I don’t have the option to listen on speaker the radio. Only “Pin to start” and “Settings” when I tap on the radio station.

  21. Quick Question: It says that the ROM is “Full Unlocked”. Does this mean unlocked for side loading apps or does it also mean that after installing this ROM on a T-Mobile HD7 that it will be carrier unlocked as well? I’ve installed the ROM many times over and my at&t SIM card always request an unlock code. Thanks

  22. Thanks for the ROM.Its amazing. But In my HD7 there seems to be a small lag or delay when I click xbox game tile or Market place tile. Is there any way to remove this lag/delay ?

  23. Can’t update to last 7.10.8860.142-7.10.8862.144 😦 Even with CabSender fails.. Any chance to solve this, please?

  24. just a query, i have bought the HTC HD7 and it has come preinstalled with the deepshining rom .i have never used roms and wondered if there is any way to uninstall it or if not how i can free up some memory as i currently have none . any replies would be greatly appreciated.

  25. hi Underground Developer
    i updated HD7 Deepshining V8.1 without any trouble
    but after updating i lose network very often even i i go out side or even if i go to my terrace i m not getting network it says “No Service” but some time i do get network but not for a long time
    OS version : 7.10.8862.144
    Firmwre revision number : Deepshining V8.1
    Hardware revision number : 0002
    Radio softwre version :
    Radio Hardware version : A.102.0.D4
    Bootloader Version : 3.1.2250.0(119314)
    chip soc vrsion

    please help

  26. I wanna download Tango app but it says i should update the phone before and i dont know how to update. Mine is Deepshining v8.1

  27. I really want install this on my hd7. But don’t have any experience with flashing mobile phone. I have done similar stuff on my wifi router installing custom firmware with the help of a good video on YouTube.
    Can you pls point me to some good video tutorial for hd7 flashing?

  28. Dot доброго времени суток. Ссылка на Dev-host http://d-h.st/4d6 не работает. Есть ли возможность скачать HD7 Windows Phone 7.8 RTM Deepshining v8 ROM откуда нибудь ещё. Спасибо

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