Titan Windows Phone 7.8 RTM Deepshining v3 ROM


Welcome to my Titan Deepshining Rom.

Finally the wait is over.
Rom Details and download of the latest version please visit the Titan page here

Enjoy it



23 thoughts on “Titan Windows Phone 7.8 RTM Deepshining v3 ROM

  1. I just love the Rom.
    My main concern was the headset volume, but it works flawlessly.
    I tried Dynamics, Eburon, and Ansar´s and they all had problems wth it.
    Yours is about perfect.

    Battery life is the best of all 4 7.8 RTM i tried.

    Thanks for great rom.

  2. thanks for the great rom, only found a few issues.
    i installed search key settings, can run it and select the action for the search key but nothing will change. allso a few apps like official facebook app, het weer and het verkeer that update there lifetiles on other roms are not working on this rom.
    tiles will stay static.

  3. Thanks dotcompt (@dotcompt) for reply, All features included in your ROM, Battery performance also better than other ROMs, i am very glad from this ROM…

    I asked one question to you… 2 way & automatic call recording is possible in WINDOWS PHONE ??? or any working about this feature ???

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