HD7 ROM (Final): Windows Phone 7.8 Deepshining v8.1 (build 8862.144)

Welcome to my HD7 Deepshining Rom.

Build 8862.144 is finally ready.

Rom Details and download of the latest version please visit the HD7 page here

Enjoy it.



74 thoughts on “HD7 ROM (Final): Windows Phone 7.8 Deepshining v8.1 (build 8862.144)

      • GMAİL users important…

        ” The announcement from Google raised eyebrows because it meant that from the end of next month it will be impossible to set up new devices using Google Sync and Exchange ActiveSync for free Google accounts.

        Google will continue to use other protocols for syncing calendars and contacts for Android and iOS, but they are unsupported in Windows Phone, Windows 8 or Microsoft Outlook. ”

        For add calender , contacts , email , Tasks.
        1- In contacts click add new account
        2- Click Exchange and Office365
        3- Fill your gmail email and password
        4- In advanced setup Fill;
        Account name : Gmail ,
        Checked : email , contacts , calender , task
        5- User name : Your gmail email address
        6- Server name : m.google.com
        Check SSL password

        Ahmet Medar

      • Evening, The problem with this work around is that we cannot sync up Google calendar with the calendar on the phone. Do you know how to get round this, as i keep a lot of dates on Google calendar?

      • Доброго времени суток нет возможности скачать HD7 ROM (Final): Windows Phone 7.8 Deepshining v8.1 (сборка 8862.144) по ссылке Dev-host http://d-h.st/4d6 может есть возможность скачать от куда нибудь с другого места? Спасибо

  1. To start, I would like to thank you. Absolutely great job. Another thing to mention is that i have no WiFi now. After some time of using of Rom my wifi just cant find any network (router is one meter away). Maybe there is a fix for this or this is new ?

  2. just a quick one. i swapped my android phone for this windows phone as it got better reviews than my android so i am a complete wp7 n00b.
    i hacked the hd7 with a Y cable and flashed with this latest rom. i am getting no push notifications and my me live tile doesnt give me any notifications. i have searched all over and the facebook push seems a common problem but not the live tile as it was supposed to be fixed. and reading this description it says its fixed but i am recieving no notifications at all from anything.
    what was the live tile bug that needed fixing? was it that it didnt update. i really need facebook push notifications as i do a lot of buying / selling / trading on there and dont want to have it send emails every time as i keep my email free for business use. i just want ANY tile / app that can show me facebook has some activity fairly quickly. if it cant be done i may just sell / swap the phone back. the phone might have been a crappy little zte blade but it did everything and did it well

  3. hello! can I use Windows Phone 7.8 Deepshining v8.1 (build 8862.144) on my HTC Mozart ?? Now I’ve Mozart Windows Phone 7.8 RTM Deepshining v7 ROM Tanks

  4. Dotcompt,

    In v8 of the rom, my LCD shuts off once a call is made, and I have to rely on the other caller to hang up to release my phone screen. Otherwise I have to pull my battery.

    Will v8.1 fix this? It seems like an optical sensor calibration issue.

  5. I would like to say that all my previous descirbed wifi problems was due to wifi live tile app and connectivity shortcuts… uninstall of wifi live tile and reinstal of conectivity shortcuts with few restarts brought everything back to normal.

    Ok, now i have another question, if i flash from deepshining v8 to v8.1, will i loose all apps and settings ?

  6. Man… no offense, but the rom is getting even buggier than the last which was a disaster. You can’t change the region. After you press back, it is reverted. I restarted once and can’t set up the locktime to never (5 minutes is the maximum). Not to mention the missing option to listen the radio on speaker while earphones are plugged in, or the missing devices application that allows you to use the bluetooth with pc.

    • In my opinion you have of big trouble hardware, I installed a few days ago the same rom and I have no trouble you say, try to do a hard reset!

  7. im was install rom, after that i can’t sync my ymail,.but no problem with sync windows live..any way to solve this problem?
    OS version: 7.10.8862.144
    Firmware revision number: Deepshining v8.1
    Hardware revision number: 0002
    Radio software version:
    Radio hardware version: A.102.0.D4
    Bootloader version: 3.1.2250.0(119314)
    Chip SOC version version:
    Thanks a lot..

  8. after using this rom for some time, i can say that there is a problem with WiFi. When I am trying to turn on or off it just doesnt happen. Or it turns on but doesnt connect to a network. after this kind of problem, the phone wont turn off it will only show goodbye. so its time to remove battery 🙂 its realy annoying that i cant use WiFi properly. And i wonder if things like this happens to anyone else?

  9. All working well here apart from camera flash. Works fine for video capture but doesn’t work taking stills.

  10. Why doesn’t anybody read previous comments before asking questions? The info on how to sync foigle accounts has already been posted by somebody… Simply read some of the older comments and you’ll see it…

  11. when i”m upgrading error 262, why? help me please!!!!!!!
    OS version 7.10.7720.68
    firmware 2250.21.40503.531
    hardware 0002
    bootloader 5.12.2250.0(135916)
    chip soc


      • I just tried this on my HTC HD7S after updating it with SevenEighter and it just stalls to 0 percent though I have installed WDDC already.

        So I have that latest Windows Phone OS 7.8 version and some 3.x bootloader.

        Now what?

    • With that bootloader you’ll need Y-Cable, to downgrade it to version 3.x or below… use any pre-mango official rom, then you can use HSPL to install deepshining…

  12. For crying out loud could someone please post a how-to on this website, great work on the custom ROMs but if people like me have no idea how to use them what’s the point?

    xda-developer is just a linkrotting mess, I can never find anything on it, links to custom ROMs always expire and even links to useful articles expire, so I’m left not knowing how to flash my HTC HD7S.

    At least if there’d be a small readme.txt in the custom ROM download, that would be so helpful!

      • No one is helping you for being offensive to older members: “I don’t need your useless comments” Sounds familiar to you? baaaaaaah

      • Just leave it lol I got the same error and it doesn’t seem to hurt anything using the new version for over a week now

  13. It is strange, but after flashing v8.1 my wifi is totaly messed up. I’ve tried installing v8.0, nextgen, dynamics and nodo roms. Nothing helps. The problem is that i cant turn on the wifi and if it turns on it cant find networks. sometimes it finds networks after restarting but cant connect to them. BTW after trying to turn on the wifi the phone wont shut down properly, i have to remove the battery. I would be glad to hear any ideas

    • Hey, Gedas, sorry it took so long to reply on this, hope you are still monitoring it… I am still on this ROM at the moment, as my notebook with all my upgrading stuff on it is having major video probs… anyway, I am having the same problem, I think, as you are having… when I first run on wifi each day, nothing happens… I have learned that if I turn it off , and then turn it back on, it will work fine… and the key to knowing if it is working or not is if the rolling dots (ellipsis?) run across the top of the screen when you turn it on… see the ellipsis, it works; no ellipsis, it does not work. And after the first time of the day, it generally works right the remainder of the day, wifi working immediately after turning it on. And wifi runs great when it is working. I am on HTC HD7 TMO USA 16GB, the original WinPhone… so try that, when you turn on wifi, if it does not work, turn it back off immediately, and then turn it right back on. You should see the ellipsis when turning it on the second time, and and it should work fine.

      • Hey, Gedas, my bad, I am still on the 8.0 ROM, but it sounds like we are having the same problem… if you need any more help, respond and maybe I can help… and have a good weekend…

  14. Ok, further investigation took me trough lots of different radios and all of them have different isues with wifi. what i have noticed that in DS v8.1 with radio 5.69 my wifi randomly works after restarting the phone but it works for few seconds and then disconnects.
    Micheal my wifi is not turning on even after 10th try 🙂 it only turns on if I restart the phone after trying to switch wifi on.
    I wouldnt care much about wifi, but I need to download Nokia Drive maps and voice, wich recuires wifi connection. Maybe anyone knows a workaround?

  15. The ROM works great a seems more stable than the original ROM.

    However, I can’t debug with VS2012 directly on the device.

    Is it possible or am I doing something wrong?

  16. i have problems on my windows phone . headphone jack not working on my phone ,my os version is 7.10.8862.114 please help me

  17. I would like to check other custom rom also but after installing the new rom, the phone still shows startup screen of DeepShining. Any idea how can I change that?

  18. hi Underground Developer
    i updated HD7 Deepshining V8.1 without any trouble
    but after updating i lose network very often even i i go out side or even if i go to my terrace i m not getting network it says “No Service” but some time i do get network but not for a long time
    OS version : 7.10.8862.144
    Firmwre revision number : Deepshining V8.1
    Hardware revision number : 0002
    Radio softwre version :
    Radio Hardware version : A.102.0.D4
    Bootloader Version : 3.1.2250.0(119314)
    chip soc vrsion

    please help

  19. Heloo Gedas and others who have issues with wifi.. any breakthrough yet.. is 8.1 going to be the last or can we expect any patches to fix the open bugs which people have reported here. Where can I follow the latest updates on deepshining rom for hd7?

  20. heyyy all… ny1 plz provide me steps to install RO on hd7.. m despirate to install ROM on my phone. m searching from long and tried many things but nothing worked.. n i guess i have half bricked my phone too. Bootloader do not show “serial”. i have y cable. please help… please…please…!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  21. Hi,
    I try to setup this rom on my HD7, my laptop os in windows 8.
    And when I run update utility I face with Error 240 – open file.
    Can you please help me?

  22. I want to notice that I’m a newbie in flashing. So, if someone can help me having an tutorial on how to do it, I’d be pleased to have it frolm the part of that kind person. Thanks…

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  24. Очень хотелось скачать Ваш Rom HTC HD7, но ссылка не работает можно ли получить рабочию ссылку Спасибо

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