Titan ROM (Final): Windows Phone 7.8 Deepshining v4.0 (build 8862.144)

Welcome to my Titan Deepshining Final Rom.

Build 8862.144 is finally ready.

Rom Details and download of the latest version please visit the Titan page here

Enjoy it.



28 thoughts on “Titan ROM (Final): Windows Phone 7.8 Deepshining v4.0 (build 8862.144)

  1. Hey Dotcompt, I just wanted to say that I appreciate everything you’ve done for us over on XDA. I am sad that this is your final rom and that you are moving on with your life without us. -I wish you well on your future endeavors.

  2. Thank You Dotcompt for your great work, it’s really sad to see you go, but not without a last request. Somehow, after trying for a couple of hours, i can’t get root managaer to run, also my three little keys do not work either. Sorry for that, but i can’t get my phone to work at all, tried all your instructions.

  3. Everything works now!!!!
    I reinstalled, in the following order: RADIO / ROM / REBOOT (a couple of times) / Wait for TEXT from Microsoft, welcome to windows phone… then Root MAnager. Everything works flawlessly.
    Thank so much and Godspeed DOTCOMPT. Muito obrigado!!!

  4. there’s no Gmail option, if u use “other account” so the minimum time is 15mins, no “as item arrives” option, pls add

  5. pls add google account option to setting and pls make some app like clock hub from Dynamics rom, other than that i think your deep shinning rom is gorgeous ❤

  6. Great rom thank you !
    Everything worked out you just have to wait a few minutes before everything works
    but the marketplace wont download apps it stays stuck in pending mode ?

    Love Deepshining

  7. search key setting and dynamic background2 and wp theme does not work onthis ROM her and unstable

  8. Have severall problems with 4.0 rom. Wifi only works when i’m closer than 1 meter from my accespoint, a few apps from the devstore do not work at all like call manager citylens and searchkey settings. Callmanager just crashes and disapears completely after first run, citylens only works after first install and has to be reinstalled after every use and i can select any option in searchkey settings but it allways comes with the default action and opens bing. Can you please help me out dot? Don’t wanna go back to dynamics rom because of the battery usage 😦

  9. Rom is excellent (speed & performance wise) but Automatic restart phone many times after flashing rom… Please help…!!!

  10. you can give me a hand … I have to put the original rom can you tell me where I??? thanks in Italian

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