Devstore8 build released

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These days I don’t have much free time available but finally the new Devstore8 build is ready to download.

New: 03/03/2013 – build

. Bugfix: Wallpaper section crash fixed.
. Reduced Devstore8 XAP size.
. Homebrew XAP size is now shown.

To download build v4.2.0.0 just visit my Windows Phone Apps section here

Enjoy it and have fun


DSHub Homebrew app updated to version 1.1

Introducing DSHub

So what is DSHub?
DSHub is my new Homebrew app for Windows Phone devices that will help you enjoy some Windows Phone Features in a better and quickly way.

DSHub Main Features:
. Shortcut Panel with connectivity shortcuts and more.
. Contact Panel that allow you to quickly save and dial your favorites friends.
. IE Links Panel with a list of most visit sites in the web and more 🙂
. Weather Panel with your current city forecast
. And more…

DOWNLOAD DSHub at the Windows Phone Apps section here


Spot ON

Spot – Using Bing Maps in a usefull way

Features: . Save your favorites places with fotos, videos and memo record. Spot On will also lock your GPS cordinates so wi’ll never forget that place.
. Share your current location with your friends through SMS or Email with an easy and instant way.
. Find points of interest near you (restaurants, bar, hotels etc…)
. Where did I park my Car? Spot On will find it too!

See it in action

DOWNLOAD it here at XDA-Developers

DevStore 7 Released

For those who do not remember this app was previously named as DS Marketplace but I have decieded to rebrand it to DevStore7.

So, whats new about DevStore7:
– New Logo.
– New Layout and Design with Dynamic HubTiles and page transitions using Microsoft latest toolkit.
– New sections:
. Ringtones Hub – rings and rings.
. Dev Hub – Know your Devs. It is about time Devs are recognized.
. News Hub – with latest news about wp7.
. Shout out Hub – a kind of user voice place.
– New homebrew apps uploaded to
– Severall homebrew apps updated.

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