Windows Phone 8 Apps


Beautiful and clean app.

Funny moments with the Face Warp feature:
. enjoy the wrap effect and have a good laugh on your own face, 
or use the back camera to play a joke on your friends.

Never loose a moment with the Momento feature:
. take a snap photo and add information overlay with the your 
camera or photos from the media library.
. amaze your friends by modifying and add extra content to 
your photos like, weather, location, cartoons, frames, 
characters, celebrities, congratulations cards and much more. 
Share it instantly.

Connect all your photos with the Collage feature:
. join your photos, your family, your friends and those 
specials moments in several frames making beautiful collages
 that you´ll never forget. Who needs professional help.

Enhance your photos with the Filter Studio feature:
. take an instant photo and play with the Nokia filters or
 open an existing photo from media library and apply some 
amazing effects.
. open the in-build Filter Explorer and scan all your 
device for photos and preview it with different random 

. share all your Creations, Photos, Warps, Momentos and 
Collages with the app share feature.

. Bottom line, never loose a special moment, play and 
joke on your friends/family faces or photos, and enhance 
pictures that you'll remember forever with effects and 


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beats’n roll

The best music experience you will ever have.
  • Quickly access your music library and get music recommendations based on your tastes.
  • Check what’s new and what’s hot with the possibility to purchase your favorite songs.
  • Use the map to see the bands that live near you.
  • Be informed about concerts near you or search for a particular place.
  • Get to know whats rocking and feel the best mixes.
  • Search for your favorite artists, listen and download their music.

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The World & Me

World & Me the best way to stay connected with the world!

  • Responsive and modern Windows Phone App
  • Near By Places, Here Drive, Transit, Maps and Flickr pictures integrated.
  • Weather forecast from where you stand.
  • Stocks quotes and Market news about your Companies Portofolio.
  • News from your favorites feeds in a clean UI.
  • And much more, Download it from Windows Phone Store.Images

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see it in action



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